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Rob's Journal
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Saturday, July 21st, 2007
1:05 am
Ever get tired of listening to American News?
I should be a little bit more specific about this. When you compare the news such as ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN these days to the BBC you get the aborted fetus excuse of a broadcast. Especially if you consider watching news on the TV, only 25% of what you watch is actually 'news' the rest is filled up with Graphical introductions, advertisements, and promos about what's coming up next, either in the news or after it. After the news broadcast is done, you might learn of one story somewhere in the world where 'American interest' is directed, and a few short lived stories locally. News on the internet from America is also stripped down to 2 sentence snippets of quotations and light hearted commentary. What ever happened to the days of actual reporting, making a story yours?

Tom Brochov, Edward R. Morrow, Peter Jennings. Real American News Casters, Reporters, Real American Heros. Back when the Media actually acted as an indirect fourth branch of government to keep the rest in check. Unfortunately our government has learned from their mistakes of being honest in the 20th century and will not divulge truth but rather focus on satisfying 'debauchuristic' fetishes of the American Public to make them feel safe from an active, happening world.

When I want to learn about the world during my day, I either turn on the BBC world report, or listen to some of their in depth broadcasts. I probably check the BBC for new news more often then some of you 'OKC' members check your stalker list.

I get the feeling that America is dead inside, but nobody has stopped to notice.

People blame the administration for the things that happen, others blame that news agencies are based on a capitalistic foundation revovling around profit instead of news. Maybe we should start blaming the public for: not caring, not being a part of, and not being an active contentious objector to what's happening in politics, media or the world around us.

As a country, we'd much rather come home at the end of the day and turn on the TV, expecting it to babysit for us, educate, and run our lives.

Go out and experience the news first hand, make news happen.

Saturday, April 14th, 2007
2:27 pm
So much for my day off.
So I'm having my first day off in about 2 months.
My day has just begun a little like this 25 minutes ago.


"Hey Robert, it's Eric, I need you to reformat those laptops you setup so a forensics team cannot access the data, if they were to so choose to."
"Alright, what time?"
"Ten Minutes ago."
"Fuck, what else?"
"I need 3 100 foot long CAT5E cables"
"Sure, that all?"
"For now."
"K, Peace."

Thursday, April 5th, 2007
12:02 am
Take that Comcrack!
I have finally succeeded in my master plan to take over control of my bios. I finally had the time and the balls to flash my bios on my notebook and inserted my atheros wireless card. To my excitement, it posted without me fucking it up. To my amazement it booted to windows and detected the card. And then it didn't work because of various reasons, windows, windows drivers, atheros drivers, then finally it worked. I checked with RIP linux and everything looks sound, no errors. All was well. Minus some old HP software and drivers fucking stuff up, but that can easily be fixed.

Sweet. Super 108G, hardware encryption, linux support, War Driving Approved. This notebook is ready to rock, right after I take off 30 gigs of crap and install linux on here to dual boot.

I spent a lot of time in the last few days over at Konstatine's place. His computers are possessed. I'm finally giving up after a 2 day war and am going to have to wipe and reload them. I'm going to do it from stock XP disks, I just don't trust their base installs on the way they behave.

I haven't hung out with derek or andrea since last week when andrea failed to show at the parlor, way to go. Derek sounded like he wanted to chill tonight, But I was chilling with Stuart and Laura. And I wanted to get this bios problem 100% out of the way. Which thankfully it is now.

And I totally need to hang out with AMY (yes! J00!) because we've both been way to busy and keep forgetting. Personally I vote for friday night, Provided I get done with Konstatine's systems without any final hangups.

I vote for a food, babeland, and improv theatre at the marketplace theatre that way anybody can go.

Knowing that for me the end of working at computer stop is just around the corner, I cannot help but get excited and feel I'm top of the world. The day goes quickly for me now, it no longer drags on like an endless nightmare.

I actually had a funny violent vision today, I can thank Wade for my constant violent visions.

I went out back of cstop to throw out the trash when I had a vision of somebody firebombing cstop, for the second time in it's corporate history. Only this time with deadly explosive force. Killing everybody inside the store except me, cause I was taking out the trash, I still get clobbered with flying blocks concrete, but still, it made me laugh. That dream isn't entirely impossible, especially since something like it has happened already before.
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
10:16 am
So..... tired.
I am begging you for sleep. I have been working for the last 2 weeks with little sleep, Everyday I get up early to either drive to Renton or go to Cstop or deal with something else that needs to be done. Each day I come home tired, with more work to do when I get home. Last night I was on the verge of having some luck and getting done with work at 17.30 I grabbed some food and ate, and was just about to be on my way home when Konstastine called and needed me to come over and fix his computers and secure his wireless network. His computers were riddled with spyware, adware and trojan downloaders. I've knocked out what is likely to be 99% of them, but one still remains that I have not found yet. I've updated the system to sp2, office 2000 sp3 and all that jazz. then I had to go about and fix his daughter's notebook, which was all fine and dandy until svchost took up 100% of my cpu usage after I enabled automatic updates, turned that shit OFF after doing some reading, I finally got home just after 2am, couldn't sleep until past 4am. and here I am, going at it again the next morning with D & E, going to get my fillings done for my teeth, then i'm going to take a FUCKING NAP, then I'm going back over to Konstatine's house to finish the job. Oh well, atleast I made 180 bucks in 6 hours.

Now I'm setting up webservices and routers and I can bearly keep my eyes open.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
10:52 am
Cash Management
God dammit, I forgot my cellphone, probably at home on my bedside counter.

Let's see. I will be making 2400 a month before taxes when I quit cstop. take out 20% for taxes leaves me with 1920 a month.

400 a month for food
120 or so for car insurance
100 or so for health insurance
god knows how much for dental
100 dollars for beer
150 a month for gas

870 to 1100 on general mandatory expenses

with the remaining 1000 dollars or so needs to be pooled aside for saving up for a condo. Go Zero down on the condo and spend the rest on furnature. And make sure to get a roommate, like derek. Because if I had to live with kenny, I think we would have a repeat of October (Don't give me shit! None of you have met him!)

*Polishes off a Huskey themed doughnut*

I want to move to Issaquah, derek wants me to move to seattle. I don't think he has a care in the world when it comes to, hey, this is going to be my hizhouse and I don't want to sit in traffic for an hour every morning. And then get stuck in traffic for an hour on the way back, fuck that.

For now not knowing if I'm going to be on a 1099 or a W2 I need to save my other pennies.

If I am making enough money, I plan on remodeling the Condo, because it's just the right thing to do. Probably just redo the paint, carpets, light fixtures and lighting systems. That Lutron Training is making me drool. If I add proper lighting and color to the condo, it could be fairly easy to sell.
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
2:27 pm
Score..... I just dropped 100 dollars on a ticket to see Stephen Hawking live in all his monotone glory. That makes me cool and awesome, and totally blowing any chance or thought for money management. But I cannot complain, this will be totally worth it.

Speaking of worth it, I went down to the Parlor last night and played a few rounds of pool, good times, good times, well until I got the bill. I'll make a note that when I make a rediculous amount of money, such as when I'm starting to get paid 30 dollars an hour for my time, I will start hanging down there much more often. But I won't complain I'm making about 2000 dollars a month as things stand right now. That's enough to blow off rent and have a good time several times a month. Next up, get my first fillings evaar, and get my car fixed.... again, fucking lexus drivers and their awesome breaks in traffic colision situations.
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
6:05 pm
rockout with your cock out
made you look.

week 4 without a day off starts today. I can feel my irritibility creeping up from the depths, actually, no; it's soaring.

I decided to rent Das Boot and Ultraviolet last night. Das Boot needed no drug use for enjoyment, because it's classic, and perfect. Which happens to be the case for most movies not made in america, funny that.

UltraViolet is the bastard child Kurt Wimmer's post child movie pinup, Equilibrium. Which would of been fine, but he didn't stop there. With it's rivalry comes the desperation and unrealism of that of '28 Days Later' and 'Minority Report' respectively. Every task in the movie seemed to try to have everything about it as escentricly cool as possible. Making the plot hard to extract from techogagetism. For plot, Gay Niggers from Outer Space outranked this one. Ouch.

I rank this movie as a 2 bowler. As that's how many bowls it took for me to be able to keep watching it.

I would write a review for Das Boot, but my words are unworthy. So watch that instead!
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
11:17 am
Less than 60 days, bitches!
Iet, I'll be done with computer stop in less than 2 months, for sure. And I'd hope so, I'm now working 7 days a week. I'm fuck'n tired. I have work I have to bring home with me from my new job to work on to get prepared for next monday. I'm really digging the new clothes I bought. I can finally not look like I lived at computer stop for the last 2 years out side of work. Only problem is I need more than 2 pairs of 65 dollar pants and a 50 dollar shirt ><. Oh well, atleast I will have the money to throw at clothes like this once a month.

Now I need to become skilled in Business Politics and I'll be groovy for the new job to the maxz0r!
Saturday, March 17th, 2007
10:58 am
Bios Progress

Acquiring Phoenix Bios Editor Pro, [   OK   ]
Updating bios to latest release (F.22), [   OK   ]
Extracted BIOS from embedded cab file,[   OK   ]
Decompressed BIOS,[   OK   ]
--Without Errors,[  OK  ]  
Scanned BIOS successfully with a hex editor for little endians,[FAILED]

Next up on shit I'm going to try is going to be a usb thumb drive, with command.com and whatever else, throw on phlash16.exe backup the bios onto it, and hope itdoesn't fag out, buy some extra cables I need for my room and for Laura.

Got the bios decompressed successfully, I've yet to find any of the hex codes I'm looking for though. Oh well, keep on trucking.

So I talked with James from this website he has version f.11 and has had some success finding the whitelist with a hex editor, f.22 I'm not having any such luck, so I'm going to backtrack down to F.11 because I cannot seem to get F.22 to bust out with any results.
Friday, March 16th, 2007
11:46 pm
For the love of Bob.... ugh!
This post will be the equivalent of a girl flipping the fuck out over a pair of shoes with something minuscule wrong with them. If you don't want to deal with that in terms of bios hacking and Atheros wireless cards, you probably don't want to read this post, because I haven't even started doing this process yet.

So today my new shiny awesome Atheros wireless card came in the mail. My dreams of fully hardware accelerated encryption, extended wireless range, flawless linux driver support, and saving 66% the cost of buying the card elsewhere have just been crushed. But why?

Here's why. HP/Compaq (Comcraq), Dell, IBM have decided that they'd like to make life harder for people. Their BIOS contains a very limited "Whitelist" of approved wireless cards for their notebooks, they claim it for FCC regulations, bullshit. Then why are all the cards on these whitelists cost 150 dollars more than the one I bought and have limited or drastically limited functionality in comparison? So they can make another quick buck on you because the computer you bought wasn't enough for you, that's why.

Well, that's fine, I'm more than fully capable of dealing with that bullshit. I've just finished doing my reading, I know what I'm up against. I don't like it, it's going to be very time consuming. But, I'm going to do it anyway. If I've wasted 500 hours of my time preening Gentoo installs and making everything perfect on the system, only for it to become out of date with dep breaks 2 weeks later. I can sure as hell spend 20 hours or less attending to this issue and risk toasting my Notebook Bios.


This will give you a taste of what shit I'm going to do just so I can use something other than a broadcom chipset.

Do I really need to use this wifi card?
No, I have ndiswrappers available
I'm not even running linux right now
And how often am I really going to sit down to crack somebody's wireless network? Probably less than once every 6 months.
So this project is a nearly pointless undertaking.... Sweet!

Maybe I really should of just bought another pair of shoes instead of a wireless card. *sighs*
Thursday, March 15th, 2007
10:06 am
Humor Me
So this Monday I had my first crack at things I'm going to be doing in my new job. In house Theater Installation. Sometimes it will be for people's homes, sometimes for businesses. In this case, it was a home. We get there at noon. Much to my surprise I find out we're doing work under the house, I figured he already had this stuff done, so I'm down in the crawlspace feeding wires and stapling them out of the way. Fun fun considering the amount of fiberglass getting into my eyes, lungs and skin. That's for telling me before hand. Overall I did about 9 hours there that day, and was in considerable pain from kneeling on uneven concrete. I had a brief conversation with our client's daughter since she seemed interested enough in what we were doing to strike up a conversation. I never really bothered to face her or notice her though. I then leave at around six to meet up with Monika to eat an insurmountable amount of fish at Todai with her. I'm pretty excited for her. Takes a lot of guts to fly out to Latvia, the UK, Croatia and Kosovo on your own, fortunately she knows the lingo, so that helps. We departed with a kiss and went our ways, I then went over to Laura's and tossed back some painkillers to ease the small war going on in my wrists and legs.

Later that night I get a phone call from David, talking about the final steps of our installation, me having to learn about the RTi remote software and the Zywall firewall systems. Which I'll probably figure out from tinkering with them by the end of the week, provided I get them by the end of the week. He then asks me about the client's daughter, "Hey, did you notice Jim's daughter at all while we were there?", I said not really, I didn't give her much attention while I was there. and then he replied, "Well Jim tells me that she's got the hots for you." Great, more crap to put up with when I have to go back there on Monday. Girls, ya'll are very strange, Give he the world, she walks away. Ignore her and she will fall in love. I know that's probably a butchered quote from a more famous Author or Philosopher, but I'm not sure where it came from. It's also funny how if you're not seeing anybody, nobody will even bat an eyelash at you, but when you're tied up trying to deal with 2 or 3 people you may eventually feel like dating exclusively. They just come out of the woodworks ><.

I think I'll humor the girl, there was an outfit at express I was going to buy, so I guess I'll do that after work on Saturday when I hang out with Cory. Go back to work with David at Jim's on Monday in said outfit and see if I can force her into asking me out while ignoring her.

Should be fun. Why should I bother asking her out when it's her attraction :P
Make the girls work for what they want in men for once :P

Alright I should probably start pretending to work again
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
10:43 am
Kicking the cancer sticks
Well, provided I don't get in any more fender benders, or run over any more raccoons or get deranged pep talks from my manager about profit margins I can't hit because of poor advertising, business practice, and our distributor's markup. I think today will be the start of my non cancer promoting habits....... Srsly
Monday, February 26th, 2007
3:11 pm
Apparently I cannot escape the woes of small group melodrama. Which is a pity, I really could do without the bullshit of he said she said. And it all ending in crying from one party or another. I can understand and respect Cory for walking away from it in only those terms. I don't really have the same interest to sacrifice all of my friendships over misunderstandings. But enough of caring about things that only mean something to others. this is My journal :P

So I went out with Derek on Saturday to the Contour. I should of invited Andrea to come with us, but I didn't realize we were going to go out that night. I went into the club and looked around and noticed a definite shift of culture and race. I was surrounded by Russians, everywhere, and I was an idiot enough to be wearing my hat in a party that seemed to cater towards the Ex Soviet Regime. Only 2 people had a reaction that stretched beyond the language barrier and into something emotional enough to take hold as meaning. One dude, came up to me 5 times, He appeared frustrated with my choice of apparel, I couldn't make out what he was saying because it was too loud to understand him, and even harder to get his emotional expression out of him because he was speaking Russian. He cried out "Nyet" from what I could understand. Derek informed me that was him telling me No. So I tried to be as non confrontational as I could and lightly touched him on the back and took my hat off. For the most part, he was the only one with a reaction. There was a Mexican dude drunk off his ass at the party that demanded to buy the hat off of me for 20 dollars. I'm not going to give up something like that for 20 bucks, that hat has meaning to me which others will not respect or understand. Although the hat is a great club gimmick it's just not as fun or leaves me feeling safe as I did before everything happened. And after hearing about a drunk man murdering somebody else because he didn't wash his hands after taking a piss in a club, I'm very paranoid. But like hell I'm going to let it stop me from having fun.

Other than that, that's the only thing that's really perked my interest to post about. Other than apparently Monika and I are not getting along, and she's yet to tell me why other than the usual girl thing that most people do when they get angry. And that's to not tell you what you did. But it's the same the whole world round. Unspoken rules to govern and manage the other sex that only pisses the other sex off because it holds no meaning out bounds. I'm able to appreciate Laura more now because of her straight up, no beating around the bush bullshit.

In other news, I'm becoming more and more aware of how Comfortable and Stagnant I have become. Something I always used to tell Laura to get away from, but now I'm being alarmed in the fact I am seeing it in myself. I'm procrastinating on getting the job at Boeing and will probably lose it because of my refusal to finish my fucking resume. Pisses me off that I'm comfortable at my current job. Miserable, but comfortable. A time for change, if you ask me. I will try again to move on and get the new job at Boeing. I will also try again to stop smoking. I keep telling myself the benefits and short term enjoyment do not even get close to the repercussions of my ignorance.

The moment you resist change and adaptation and wallow in your daily conformity is the moment you stop living and start dying.

Gotta break the cycle.
Thursday, January 18th, 2007
12:05 pm
Go Kart Racing
So my workplace puts on Vista Training night at Champs Kart Racing just bellow Ethan Allen. David and I are up for the first race with a few other people, David and I score 20.21 and 20.26 respectively for top lap speeds. We have a few more races before we go in for training, oh by the way, Buy office 2007 in a retail package, or don't buy it at all. And Vista Ultimate is a failure by the fact it's got features only useful for a notebook, which I doubt any will come with, IE bitlocker. I can safely say, I'm not interested in Vista or office 2007 in the least, I'm so fucking disgusted at what they churned out. Anyway, who cares about microsoft, this is about Go Karts! The track is small, hiding directly underneath Ethan Allen. It's got a track setup you could recreate with a rubber band. 1 or 2 long sweeping curves, with a jumbled tight mess of hairpins on the inside. The Karts can reach speeds of 30mph on the outside of the track. They are very powerful for the track, have a great sense of oversteer, and are amazingly easy to handle, if you have a tendancy to push the limits of your car, you will feel at home pushing the limits of the Kart. They're Electric based, they use sealed gel lead acid batteries, so no acid to eat you alive, no explosions, and no leakage.

Each race I completed, I could feel myself getting better and better. As could be expected with any amount of practice. I was pretty sure it was impossible to the 19.07 second lap that Aleem managed to stomp down. Then the microsoft rep put down an 18.8, then an 18.7. I was in shock, everybody was cheering. Then it was my go again, Problem is it's hard to get a good lap time with people who cannot handle the Karts as well, they always get in the way and you have to wait to pass them otherwise you will run into each other and cause a nasty mess and hold everybody up. I managed to put out a 18.59 or .57, I cannot remember at this moment. I was extatic to see it up on the main board as I raced through. I could never better that time, but that was good enough, It got me third place to start the race. I probably went out for atleast 50 laps around the course before the final showdown of the race.

The race was long and brutal, the 18 laps felt more like 30 on my wrists. The heavy tight steering weighs down on me. The untamed acceleration moves me around unkindly like a poorly treated egg carton. There is almost no padding for comfort, just 3 strips of padded tape to act as a backrest, a motorcycle helmet and a neck brace. For me though, the race told it's whole story in less than the first 3 laps, it was really over in the first 3 turns. Kyle Dildine starts out, followed by, uuh, Microsoft Tech Dude, then Me, and then I forget the rest. I start gaining immediately on the tech dude because he didn't punch it immediately. by turn three he already lost out on the momentum that can be kept by not turning hard through turns 1 and 2, and then at hairpin 3, he slowed down and I didn't. I tapped him in the back and spun him out and went around on the outside, which is the best way to keep your momentum high and keep your times low. Slowing down at any point is really quite a bad idea if you can avoid it, and that's the name of the game in this track. Find the best route to avoid the need to take your foot off the floor. After I got around the tech dude, Kyle just kept slowly pulling away from me by almost 0.15 seconds a lap, I couldn't catch him. Fortunately, nobody could catch me either. So the rest of the race up front was quite pointless. After we finished the race, we shook hands and then went to the podium... I still cannot believe I was the only person not with a beer in my hand when the picture was taken. I felt so ashamed. Everybody thinks I drink a lot, I can't let down the company image of myself!

It was a fun night. I just with the rest of my body could concur.
Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
2:10 pm
I have some more information about what happened.

Turned out the weapon was a 12 guage shotgun. The good news was he only had 2 shots loaded, I do not know if he had more aside somewhere, but I would assume so. So we were clear of danger, the second shot was not for me or even aimed in my direction, what flew past my ear was a fragment of Wade's skull and near supersonic speeds. The hole behind me was actually a nail hole upon today's inspection, the point of entry actually was flaring back, giving it away as a nailhole i had not seen before. It's not like I'm going to give into questioning to a hole in the wall behind me when shots are fired.

The majority of the blood in Wade's brain had been deposited into the rocks and the mat by the front entrance to the house, inside the house. there was a hole in the skylight, drenched in blood, several of the pellets were still strewn around before the crew could clean them up. I had to give the detectives permission to enter the house as I'm the only living tenant in that house, so temporary custody defaults to me.... which is gay, because I have to go back and see all the blood pools and splatters again today as I show JT's family around, I have the only working key, even more gay. Wade somehow fucked his up and JT always left the door unlocked and never kept his keys on him, I wonder if he lost his, but he's way to organized to lose his keys like I used to.

I have also finally managed to rationalize why the murder happened. The detectives told me not to bother. But I figured it out. For anybody familiar enough with psychology of people. Add this up

I have Attention Deficite Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
and Wade had ADHD.

JT has an alpha male personality, he stands tall and dominates a conversation that has anything to do with women, or around women, and spends his entire time talking about women. So when a woman is in the house, he will stand tall over everybody no matter what the cause.

Wade had a history of being babied by his mother until either he killed her and got away with it or she died 4 years ago. From this point on, series of unfortunate events rolled out for Wade. He rubber banded his mailbox shut with Vacant inside to avoid all mail and bills. He told the mail lady which I talked to to return all mail to it's sender. He probably had a seperate PO box for bills to come into and pay. He hadn't paid his property tax in 2 years. Was married to a really sweet girl, according to neighbors, who then later divorced him for reasons unknown, and spent the time after his marriage having sex with hookers and dropping the big bills at Rick's in North Seattle. He got fired from his previous job because he couldn't stop speeding and technically had his plumber's license revoked because he didn't pay the tickets off, but his current boss didn't know. He's also had to deal with my fallout on the Bathroom overgrowing in blackmold, but upon hearing my health degrading and me half dying of coughing in my sleep, he finally fixed it on a weekend. But life had started looking to be on the up and up for Wade, his boss gave him the company vehicle to get to and from work, he had always been very punctual. But recently his boss has been threatening to fire him over using the company vehicle for leisure as he hadn't fixed his own car.

Because JT didn't work that day, I doubt he took his aderal, he usually doesn't when he doesn't have to work. Wade, however I found an empty Straterra bottle and an empty generic form of Ritalin in his medicine cabinet. I am under the belief that Wade was taking the Ritalin and was just coming off of his medication when he came home. I used to take Ritalin when I was younger, I know exactly what was going through his head when he committed the attrocity. He was taking the same medications that caused me to have murderous and suicidal thoughts, feelings of lack of self worth for about an hour until the chemical imballance in your brain stabalizes to it's lower levels without the medication to make you focus. Unfortunately JT pushed him over the edge while he was going through these moments of withdrawl from the medication. He became bitter, and for the first time, ever, violent toward him. I saw the signs to back down, but due to JT's alpha male personality, he wasn't going to let it go until he won the argument to prove his point. This is where Wade made up his mind while storing off to his room to take his own life, unfortunately JT got in the way and he impulsively took JT's life as he was the aggressor. But again, if JT didn't confront him, I still do not know if Wade would of had more shells to shoot me and then reload and take his own life. It's something I'll never know, but considering the circumstances, I'm still lucky to be alive today, and I've done as much of my own detective work to come to a conclusion I believe in.

This information is my final verdict over what has happened in the house of Wade Tyler. at 6:23PM Octobor 23, 2006.

Rest in Peace to both Justin Horne and Wade Tyler. I know there is never an excuse for murder, but I have figured it out, and I understand. But you're still an idiot, Wade.
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
4:08 am
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse
2 sentence version of my day......

My landlord shot and killed my roommate then killed himself in front of me. I'm still alive, though I was 8 inches from not being alive.


forgive me for I forgot the lj cut meta tag. But because today is now officially the worst day I have ever been alive, I'm going to be detailed as a motherfuck.

My day starts out with the power going out when I woke up around noon this morning. It was my first day off in quite a while, so I slept in. Puget Power came around and cut the power because Wade didn't pay the bill. JT then called that morning while he was out with April getting breakfast. I informed him of the power going out. We agreed to sit down with Wade and discuss things when he came back from work. Various things around the house were in disrepair, however we both cannot survive without power in the house for very long. JT came back to the house and he wrote under my little "what the hell?" comment on the door clingy left by puget power, "What's going next?" he also wrong DUMB on the sheet, we then left again. April was kind enough to pay the power bill until JT and I gave her the cash, or until Wade paid her. We went about our day, grabbed food, bought F.E.A.R. the game. and dropped around work to finish my insurance forms. Wade called April's phone around 6:15, right before we got back to the house. Wade talked to her and got the money to her for 128 dollars. JT then took it upon himself to lay into Wade verbally. Wade for the first time ever, responded angrily and violently to JT. JT said, what's next Wade? All I want is power, running water, and gas. You cannot even provide that. Wade responded angrily, cursing and swearing. Claiming, I don't have the fucking money, I'm broke. JT responded with, 900 dollars a month Wade, what do you do with it all. We know Wade used to pay for hookers and strippers in the past, we fear it was still current. Wade then knocked JT's hat off, JT then flicked Wade in the forehead with his fingers. As Wade stormed off, I asked, before you go Wade, I wanted to ask you about the... "mailbox" as JT chimed in. He then went into his room. April tried to pursuade JT not to confront him any further. His decision to do so might be the only factor that saved our lives. Wade then pulled his gun out, most definately a .22 or small .38 cal. and shot JT in the stomach. It sounded like a door slamming shut. JT then cried out screaming "Oh my god, Oh my god, What the fuck!" He started going into shock . April started to scream, I ran out into the hallway, the air was thick with the smell of burnt gunpowder. I was walking up to JT when a second shot was fired. It wizzed right passed my ear less than a foot from my head into the wall behind me. I could not only hear it, but I could feel it as it passed my face. I looked behind me to see a 1 to 2mm diameter hole in the wall behind me. At this point I took the initiative to get April and I out of the house, April had a different viewpont and apparently saw Wade shoot himself. She was brave enough and dumb enough to see the whole thing without leaving the room. She didn't know what to do other than dial 911. No sooner than she had started talking with the 911 operator, I grabbed her. yanked open the greenhouse sliding door that was off of it's tracks, and told her to run, I opened the door to the outside and we ran to her SUV. She continued to talk as I gave her the address. I, still not knowing Wade had shot himself in the face, I told her that the house was not safe and I started to run off trying to find help. She ran back in side to stay by JT, he was still concious, and talking. I ran to 2 houses screaming and waving for help. The people of 632 163rd were kind enough to notice me screaming before the husband went inside. It was not until I was 30 feet from him until he started to react in a fashion that resembled that he realized I was not fucking with him. Police sirens could already be heard before I made it to their house. His wife sat me down and held me as he dialed 911. And I was shaking wildly out of control. The operator told me not to leave the house. I felt that I could not do that, but I obeyed what I was told. I called my parents. I was interviewed by 3 police before a detective officially interviewed me, where I told him the exact same story, only without the hat knocking, finger flicking, and wade shooting himself, as I had not known that yet.

I love JT like a brother, we have gone through everything together for the last 3 months. I feel so horrible for leaving him there to die. Had I of known, ooooh if had I of known Wade was already dead, I would of never left his side.

After the report with the detective, The detective told me that JT had passed on, and that there was a dead man in the house. JT died at harbor view of his wounds. Wade died on the scene with the bullet through his head and blood pouring onto the inner walkway. At this point the press were piling in to the streets surrounding the house. There were atleast 12 police cars lining the streets.April and I were in seprate detective cars, getting our full seperate accounts.We were then transported to right outside Papa Murphys infront of Pal-Do World at Lake Hills Shopping center. The two detectives talked to each other in private while April was in one car and I was pacing back and forth in Papa Murphy's. April didn't know yet. I wasn't even allowed to talk about it yet. April and I went with the female detective downtown to the station where she had to interview her again in another room, I was again, left to pacing the room, thankfully it was larger. I made my phonecalls to Cassidy and to my parents, so they could pick us up. I heard voices outside the door, She then told April that JT was dead, and so was Wade. She then burst into tears. We took April back home and then drove home here. Even now writing this all out, I still don't believe a word that I have said. Unfortunately everything I have said has happened. And when I do come to terms with what happened tonight, I don't think I'll ever be the same again.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
1:19 pm
running out of time
well things are getting harder now. it appears tootsie has lost another pound of weight. chances are that was when tootsie was left with me, I could only feed her 3 to 4 times a day. she's at the vets, soon I'll know if hse can make it with us back to seattle. Her kidneys are okay, her heart is a little weird and they're checking her lungs, if she gets her health certificate, then she can come back. I hope she can come back, and I hope she's healthy enough, I don't know how i'd manage without her.
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
10:24 pm
Oh noes
It's getting down to it. I think my parents finally found a house they liked, my mother is off the hook going crazy. but anyway, I've backed up most of the server, I've got one harddrive left that I need to image, which i will be doing in a few minutes.

The ONLY reason I'm shutting down this system is because I have to you know, move across the country, otherwise I would continue to make it live longer. Also, my 840mhz machine outlasted my p4 2.53 box. The fan on the nvidia card is dying and causing it to overheat :) Old technology wins again!
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
8:23 pm
So I have this 80 gig drive here, and after the other day Susan (Photo Center Manager) decided to turn off power to the DPC units, which is fine and dandy, but by going through the circuit breaker box, is not fine by me. So she cut the power to the register, the register will not boot back up, why not? maybe that's because it has been running for about 1.5 years straight.
Which reminds me, my system is about to hit 150 days of uptime... which brings me back to... so I have this 80 gig hard drive...

It's time to back up the entire system. because like hell it's going to just somehow... work after being in my car's trunk for 2 weeks being transported across the US. And I don't feel like dedicating my time to build a new computer... or.... fix this one... or recompile everything... so yeah. be useful 80 gig drive.
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
1:53 pm
Maybe I'll just buy a new amplifier that accepts optical input and a new soundcard instead..... yeah, that sounds better.
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